Amy C.

Absolutely 5 stars – I’d give 10 if I could!! I can’t say enough great things about Melissa! I recently purchased a home in San Diego after a long ordeal selling my house in Massachusetts. I originally found out I had to relocate for work and flew out to San Diego to see houses with Melissa back in July and make an offer in less than 3 days. We made 2 different offers while I was out here and didn’t get a house. I was then on a work trip to Germany, and saw an identical townhouse to one I made an offer on, and immediately emailed Melissa to check out the place for me and make an offer – sight unseen for me! We made an offer and it was accepted. Then the long ordeal to sell my house in MA began…my buyer had a lot of problems and my realtor in MA was not actively pursuing the transaction. Melissa became involved in helping the sale of my house in MA (which she didn’t have to do but did because she’s that good!). Long story short, if it wasn’t for Melissa, my house sale there in MA and here in CA would have fallen through and I would not be in my beautiful house here. Melissa treated me like family, and was always available for anything that came up. This is the 7th house I have bought (I’ve been moving a lot with the military and the federal government), and I have never had a realtor like Melissa. I am so grateful I found her online and now consider her a good friend as well. Call Melissa – she is absolutely fantastic!!!

— Amy C.